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A brief overview of the program and what this would look like for your organisation.


  • Through a conversation with your management team and a MUT representative, you will allocate two employees that would be the best fit for a Mental Health support role (MUTs’ Mentor) within your organisation. During this initial consult, the management team and MUT rep will form a basic “expectations and responsibilities” guide, which will determine the role of the MUTs’ Mentor within the organisation.

  • Those two people would then meet with the management team and MUT representative and will sign the “expectations and responsibilities” document which outlines their role as MUTs’ Mentor.

  • Participants will then be signed up for one of MUT Mental Health First Aid sessions, which they must complete before being fully cleared as a MUTs’ Mentor.


  • After successfully completing the required training, MUTs’ Mentors will;
    - Have their photo taken and this will be printed onto an A4 document which will also include the signed “expectations and responsibilities”. This will be displayed somewhere prominent within the organisation so that other members can see who these representatives are and what type of support they can provide.
    - Be admitted to the MUTs’ Mentors Facebook group, which is an online peer support tool that provides Mentors with an outlet to share some of their challenges and discuss ways of working with other Mentors.
    - Schedule bi-monthly “Check-ins” with MUT representatives.
    - Be made available for future group training exercises and upskilling opportunities as they arise (no more than 4 additional days per year.)  


  • That’s it! MUT rep will arrange regular check-ins with the management team to discuss how things are going and offer support where required.


Why did we choose this approach?

Mental health first aid will teach you how to assist an adult who may be experiencing a mental health problem or mental health crisis until appropriate professional help is received or the crisis resolves, using a practical, evidence-based action plan.


This course is based on guidelines developed through the expert consensus of people with lived experience of mental health problems and professionals.


We have found that although this course has been designed to help those who are helping others, it has also proven useful for the mental health well-being of those who have participated in the training.


Man Up Tasmania encourages everyone to chat, particularly when it comes to mental health. But we understand that sometimes these chats can be scary and are often avoided because of this. Participating in this training will help make those conversations safer for both yourself, but also the person to who you are speaking too.

You give a man a fish, he eats for a day… You teach a man how to fish, he eats for a lifetime… Mental Health First Aid, is Man Up Tasmania’s first response to helping grow communities understanding of mental health and we hope to continue this growth in community!

AN INTRODUCTION TO THE STANDARD MHFA COURSE Follow the link for more information 


We are incredibly lucky to be partnering with some of the most amazing organisations and groups from across the NW Coast region!

Make sure you check them out and support those that support us!

Stubbs Constructions Pty Ltd

Stubbs Constructions Pty Ltd purpose is to build a leading, financially strong and environmental sustainable construction business, through a highly competitive, innovative and efficient business model, to improve the circumstances of shareholders, employees, key stakeholders, industry and local communities.

More info ->


OTCTSS - Formerly known as On The Coast (Tassie Skate Scene) is a NW Coast-based Facebook group whose primary mission is to create an online community for local skaters to share whatever relevant topics they want ie: Tricks, spots, videos and see who else is interested in going for a skate. 

They are a fairly tight-knit group of blokes who are always there to support each other.

More info ->

Penguin Surf Life Saving Club

The Penguin Surf Live Saving Club are like most Surf Clubs across the country, and like most have experienced significant hardships through mental health over the years. In 2021 PSLSC approached Man Up Tas, to become a part of the MUTs' Mates program to help provide their community with additional support for mental health. 

More info ->

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