The Frelude - MUT budget project car

Cars… for some people their sole purpose is a means of transport, a way to get from A to B. For car enthusiasts (people like me), cars mean so much more. For me, cars give you a way to escape from the day-to-day, a space to clear your mind and as James May describes it, “ that fizzy sensation…” I have owned many cars over the years, with varying amounts of mod’s, power, and driving experiences and although I won't go into too much detail, this was expensive! And as I soon realised, this was an expense that I couldn’t afford. With the constant lingering debt, using one credit card to pay off another credit card and always living pay to pay put a strain on my mental health, and a strain on my relationships with others. And worryingly I have seen these impacts affect many other young men as well.

This struggle is one of the contributing reasons why Man Up Tas exists today, and this blog is all about how you can have fun with a cheap, slow, old sports car.

The Frelude -

A few years ago I was on the hunt for something fun, but cheap… I needed my “bogan fix” that I wasn’t getting from my current daily.

I came across a mildly crashed 1993 Honda Prelude Si for $500!

The next day, I went and checked out the car and made a plan for what was needed to get it back on the road and registered again. While at the property, the lady who owned the car needed some help with her “new” car (another Honda Prelude). After giving her a hand with her “new” car, I started the crashed Prelude and took it for a short drive and it drove like a dream!

I thanked the lady and took off home to think about it (convince the partner).

The next day, the lady called me. “Do you still want the Prelude?” – “Yes, but I still need to talk to my partner”, I replied – “Well I’d like you to just come and take it!” Shocked, but excited I drove back to the lady’s house and sure enough, she gave me the Prelude, no strings attached, she just wanted it gone to a good home and was appreciative for the help I had given her the day before.

And that was it, the birth of the Frelude!

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