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Man Up Tasmania (MUT) is a grassroots men’s mental health organisation founded in 2020 on the North West coast of Tasmania. MUT aims to change the culture and understanding of men’s mental health well-being and will do that through the development and use of programs that all have links to MUT’s core values and an alignment to the MUT ethos “If you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day… However, if you teach a man how to fish, he will eat for a lifetime!” meaning; We will shy away from activities that don’t support a community to grow. Instead, we will focus our efforts on activities that make long-term changes in the community.

Our Vision
By the year 2030 we can see, feel and report on a positive shift in culture and perception of Men's Mental well-being across all of Tasmania. We will help to achieve this vision by;

  • Providing free accessible support to men when they need it. ie: - MUTs' Mates, etc.

  • Through the MUTs’ Mates program, creating a volunteer network helps alleviate the reliance on funded mental health services.

  • Building positive connections with other services with an aim to build a more connected community of Men’s Mental Health support services.

  • Where possible help other men in the community, to embark on their own “grassroots” story. There are ideas out there that just need the support to become something great!

  • By providing various training opportunities and programs, we will create a community of "well-informed mates" 

Our Values
It is important to note that these values were created by a diverse collection of blokes from across the North West Coast community. Although our short-term vision and goals may change, our values will NEVER. These describe who we are, where we've come from, and where we want to be. 



  • We act in a way that reflects our personal, moral, and ethical principles.

  • We do what is right even if it creates more challenges.

  • We stand by our values no matter the outcomes

Bold & Courageous

  • We dare to be bold & courageous

  • We always look forward and dream big.

  • We challenge the old and we challenge the new.

  • We walk the path others are afraid to.


  • We understand that although our work is serious in its nature, we try to remain “not so formal” in our approach.

  • We speak in a way that everyone can understand

  • We aim to remain relatable.

  • We listen


  • We believe in our cause wholeheartedly and,

  • We place all our chips on the table and go all-in..


  • We work together with others to reach our goals

  • We find ways to lift the work of others

  • We share our resources

  • We understand that we can’t do it all


For us, 2022 is just the beginning… We are and will always be in a state of growth and development, currently, we have numerous NEW and REVISED projects in design and can’t wait to share them with everyone during Mental Health Week in October 2022!

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